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Second Spring Sprouted Foods in the News

Sprouted Grains: Are we any closer to a workable definition?
By Elaine Watson

The definition of “sprouted” in explored. There are many methods of sprouting depending on what the end use is. What determines a grain, seed or bean as “sprouted” is a vast topic that can be measured in numerous ways such as starch degradation, nutrient values, sprouting time or a visible sprout. With sprouting entering the mainstream market in North America and beyond, a definition of what “sprouted” is in terms of retail products has become important so consumers are receiving an adequately processes product and producers are not cutting corners.  We are actively participating in these discussion and will keep you informed on new information as it emerges.
Are Sprouted Grains Actually Better For You?
By Rosie Schwartz

Toronto- based dietitian Rosy Schwartz wrote a concise article about the benefits that sprouted grains, beans and seeds can offer individuals.

“As the grain begins to sprout, it accesses some of the nutrients stored to help the plant grow. And, while whole grains contain compounds known as “anti-nutrients,” which decrease your body’s absorption of certain key vitamins and minerals, sprouting breaks down those anti-nutrients. As a result, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium and folate may be better absorbed from sprouted grains than from their whole grain counterparts”.
Sprouted Grains give nutrition, flavor and structure to baked foods
By Karlee Renkoski

This is a great article for those looking who are interested in the flavour and texture benefits of sprouted ingredients. We are featured in this article pointing out “the popularity of these ingredients allows for an overall revolution to bring back whole grains to daily diets.”  We truly believe sprouted ingredients can help to bring back the use of whole grains as a staple in food products, bakeries and home pantries. Sprouted grains not only offer less bitter flavor profiles and softer textures but potential nutrient increases and digestive ease.
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