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We are food producers at heart. Sprouting, malting and fermentation are vast topics that involve molecular science, culinary experience and baking chemistry expertise. We certainly don’t know everything about sprouting because there is so much to learn (and new research emerging all the time)!

We are constantly reading professional perspectives about why, how and what they sprout to deepen our understanding of these topics. Some people use sprouted ingredients for nutrition, some for digestion and others for the taste and texture improvements. Despite various reasons why people prepare and consume sprouted foods, one motivation remains constant – the enhancement of whole food. Whether you are a pro sprouter or this is a new topic of exploration for you, we highly suggest these authors, chefs and bakers to help you figure out how sprouted ingredients can enhance your food.

There is also great information on how to sprout yourself at home for those who enjoy witnessing the sprouting process first hand on their kitchen counter.

our favourite Cookbooks that feature sprouting

Here are just a few chefs and bakers who use sprouted ingredients. Learn why each chooses to work with sprouted grains and beans, tips for cooking and baking, and find delicious recipes!

Second spring sprouted foods in the news

Here are some magazine and newspaper articles featuring Second Spring and sprouted foods. With more and more questions being asked about sprouting and its benefits, we’re excited to be part of the growing conversation.