Bag of Sprouted Millet

Organic Sprouted Millet

Organic sprouted millet has a wonderfully sweet flavor. It makes a delicious breakfast porridge or warm salads with roasted vegetables. We sprout this whole grain to decrease cook time, improve digestibility and increase its naturally sweet flavor.

  • 500g
  • 1.5kg
  • 4kg
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On the days we sprout millet our whole sprouting facility is filled with a sweet nutty aroma. We sprout this whole grain to help decrease cook time (just 10 minutes!) and increase its naturally sweet flavour.​

Millet has been consumed by humans for over 7,000 years and remains a prominent staple in many parts of the world (traditionally sprouted in parts of Africa and India). It is commonly cooked as a breakfast porridge, but can also be rinsed and fluffed with a fork for a light, fluffy grain. Because of its quick cook time, it’s a great, nutritious grain to reach for on-the-go.

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Cooking Instructions

Cook Time: 10 minutes

  1. Rinse
  2. In medium sized pot, mix 1 part Organic Sprouted Millet and 4 parts water.
  3. Bring to boil.
  4. Turn to LOW and simmer for 10 minutes or until desired texture is reached.
  5. Using strainer, rinse with warm water.


Organic Sprouted Millet

Nutrition Facts

Organic Sprouted Millet

Storage & Shelf Life

After sprouting, we carefully dry the grains back down to their shelf stable moisture levels. This means you can store them as you would store unsprouted whole grains – in a cool, dry place.

Once you cook your sprouted pulses, they should be stored in an air-tight container in the fridge.

Shelf life: 2 years

How To Use

Our favourite way to enjoy sprouted millet

A warm breakfast porridge topped with fruit, granola and greek yogurt

Other delicious ways to enjoy sprouted millet

  • Warm salad with roasted vegetables
  • The base of a grain bowl
  • Fritter


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