Second Spring Sprouted 5 grain blend bag

Organic Sprouted 5 Grain Blend

This blend was inspired by the Five Sacred Grains of Ancient China. These grains are a nutritional symphony that taste great in soups, salads or side dishes!


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Inspired by the 5 “sacred grains” from ancient China.

Brown Rice & Red Thai Rice is a good source of protein, fibre and B-vitamins. Sprouted brown rice has a sweeter, more delicate taste and a softer texture than regular brown rice.

Hulless Oats, also called “naked oats”, have not gone through the damaging de-hulling process.

Millet is believed to be more prevalent than rice in Ancient China, and dates back to 8300 BC. Sprouting millet gives it a delicate texture and enhances its naturally sweet flavour.
Buckwheat was domesticated around 6000 BC in the Western Yunnan region of China, and by 2006 was dispersed all over the globe.

Mung beans are used in a wide variety of dishes across Asia. In China they’re commonly used for ice cream, filling for dumplings and mooncakes, and blended as a beverage. Sprouted mung beans were commonly used to prevent scurvy on ancient Chinese sailing ships.


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Nutrition Facts

Organic Sprouted 5 Grain Blend


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