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Moving beyond sprouted

A growing passion for grains:

As you all know, sprouting was our first love. The growing demand for sprouted grains over the last decade made sprouting our focus, but it also propelled us into the vast world of grains and milling. We have learned so much about where and how grains grow, who harvests them, and each grain’s unique flavour and texture. This knowledge has instilled a deep love for grains and all they can do for human and soil health. We value both how grains are grown, and those using sustainable farming practices to grow some of the world’s staple crops.

At first, you may not think of grains as a way to positively impact the environment. Grains are so abundant in North America that it is easy to become desensitized to them. Grains grow quietly and slowly. Looking at a prairie landscape or picturesque valley, you may not consider all the action happening below ground.

However, we have learned that grain can’t be overlooked when talking about the regeneration of our dear earth’s soil. This knowledge encouraged us to search for farmers who use methods that regenerate the soil.

What is regenerative farming?

Regenerative means farming with the future in mind. It focuses on conservation and rehabilitation of soil and the health of the land. Farmers use a combination of methods such as: animal rotational grazing, crop rotations, inter-cropping, no till, agroforestry, cover crops, and little to no chemical inputs. Why is this important? Regenerative farming can help to restore ecosystems, increase biodiversity, improve crop resiliency, sequester carbon, all while producing nutritious crops.

What is the new product line?

With all this in mind, and your request for simple flour and grain products, we will be launching a new line of REGENERATIVE GRAINS & FLOUR.

What does that mean for our current product offerings?

Nothing will change for those who are seeking sprouted grains and flour! We will continue to sprout grains and mill them into sprouted flour. However, after much reflection, we realized there are a lot of you simply seeking good quality, consciously grown grains. We are expanding our product line to offer whole grains and flour in their raw form (not sprouted) so you can apply your own creative process to prepare them. You may want to mill or sprout the grains at home or ferment the flour into sourdough.

We are still dedicated to providing you with pantry essentials in simple packaging, shipped directly to your door. We will also continue to sprout, mill and package our grain and flour offerings. Our focus is broadening beyond sprouted and we are excited to share the entire journey of grain processing; sourcing, sprouting, milling, and baking. with these grains have become our true passion!

Regenerative Grains and Flour coming to our online shop in August!

Stay tuned for our launch date (…a day in August!). We will be launching a small product line (4-5 products) with the hopes of expanding.  The true story lies in the farmer and everything they are doing to help improve the health of their soil. We hope to tell their story to show how the grains you eat are grown with intention and in harmony with nature. This in turn will promote soil health, improve the health of our great earth, and nurture you and your loved ones.

We will no longer be just a marketplace for sprouted grains and flour, but a place where you can purchase many of your pantry staples (flour, grains & beans). We are excited to see all the wonderful things you bake and cook with these grains.
“The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.”  – Wendell Berry
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