our story


Our family has over 30 years of experience working with food – sprouting it, eating it, sharing it. Food of all shapes, sizes and colours. We love experimenting, learning from the past and discovering how to get the most flavour, nutrition and joy from our food.

first generation

Everspring Farms

It all began in 1985 when Husband and wife team Dale and Marianne Donaldson started sprouting barley grass to feed livestock on their Ontario farm.

After researching the benefits of sprouted grains and seeds for humans, combined with a growing interest from the natural food industry, the Donaldsons started to supply local businesses with sprouted ingredients.  

Today, along with the second generation of Donaldsons and a growing production team, Everspring Farms owns and operates two sprouting facilities in Seaforth, Ontario. 

second generation

second spring foods

A love of food was instilled in the Donaldson sisters from a very young age. Growing up surrounded by a strong agricultural community, they continually witnessed how the growing, preparing and sharing of food can bring people together.

After many years of contributing to the family sprouting business, Everspring Farms, Dianne and Michelle Donaldson co-created Second Spring Foods with the goal of sharing sprouted foods directly to individuals.

Centuries of food culture suggest that techniques to prepare whole foods (like sprouting and fermentation) are just as important as food itself. That’s why Second Spring Foods was founded with a deep respect for food traditions and a desire to revive a positive food culture.

our mission

Use nourishing food traditions like sprouting and fermentation to revitalize the modern pantry with whole foods.

our motivation

Food sustains us, but it also has the power to build communities and create lasting memories that enrich our lives.

our promise

Create wholesome sprouted products so you can enjoy all the benefits of whole grains without sacrificing taste or nutrition.


Our second spring family