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Sprouted grains, seeds & beans for your
pantry so you can share in simple,
nourishing whole food traditions.


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Whole Grain

For centuries, people understood that soaking and sprouting grains, seeds and beans was necessary for consumption. This collective wisdom has become less common in the modern household, but is re-emerging as a way to enhance the digestibility and function of whole foods.

Taste & Texture

Cooking Time

No Pre-Soaking Required

Nutritious & Digestible

freshly sprouted dried goods

From our family
to your pantry

Our family owned facility in Ontario, Canada is always bustling, we sprout a variety of grains, seeds and beans every day. We’ll take care of the sprouting so you only have to focus on the fun parts – cooking and eating! When you place an order, our team packages the freshly sprouted, shelf stable goods and ships them directly to you. 

Our Story

Husband and wife team Dale and Marianne started sprouted grains and seeds in 1985. They are now joined by the second generation of sprouters to bring you Second Spring natural food products.

Founded with a deep respect for ancient food traditions, we sprout to bring you all the nutrition that grains, seeds and beans have to offer. From our Second Spring family to yours, here’s to finding joy in wholesome food!

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